We have a large stock of fencing products including Gates, panels, posts, rails, post crete, gate posts, feather edge etc.

Visit our facebook page or our website to see further details.



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Choosing a #logcabin supplier

Things to look for when buying a log cabin:
1. How thick are the wall logs
2. Floor thickness
3. Roof thickness
4. Glazing type (double or single)
5. Window type (tilt’n’turn or fixed)
6. Does the manufacturer and supplier have a good history
7. Does the supplier offer an installation service
8. What are the optional extras and are there any required extras
9. Does it need planning
10. Can you view the quality somewhere
Here are some of our recommendations for log cabins:
1. Most companies will go down as small as 28mm “log”, really this more suited for interlocking sheds and small buildings. Some people will be happy with a 28mm wall and it will suit there budgets. some companies also offer 19mm walls on interlocking buildings, we do not and will not offer this thickness without putting a full frame behind it and building it as a shed.
We recommend going for 44mm or bigger, this gives strength a good deal of warmth. Also on our LV models all 44mm and thicker (we also do 70mm & 90mm walls in standard) come with higher spec glazing (see 4)
We also offer laminated logs in sizes from 80mm to 250mm.
2. 19mm flooring is ok for most garden buildings and is standard on our Lugarde range of cabins, but if you are using it as a gym, putting a heavy pool table in it etc. then our LV range of cabins offers 28mm flooring as standard (yes that is as thick as some companies walls).
3. Roof boards generally are 19mm T+G as you are unlikely to install your Gym equipment on the roof this plenty strong enough.
4. Double glazing is standard on nearly all log cabin nowadays. But there are many different thicknesses. Our LV range comes with 24mm double glazed units as standard on all 44mm and thicker models. On the 34mm it comes with budget 12mm double glazing.
5. Some companies supply a fixed window system that does not open, some have what we call standard garden cabin systems, these just have a small twist handle to close the window with a single pin (this is standard on our 34mm cabins). Our 44mm LV log cabins come with tilt’n’turn multi point locking windows allowing you to securely leave the window slightly open for ventilation or swing them fully open for plenty of fresh air inside.
6. Have a look online, check out some reviews and don’t be scared to ask the supplier or manufacturer. If they have not got the time to discuss things like this with you, don’t bother dealing with them. You are the customer you have lots of options out there and they should put the effort in to help you with choosing the right log cabin and the right company.
7. If the company is confident in there products and know what they are doing they should be able to offer installation. If not they may be what we call a bedroom seller (laptop in bedroom earning a few £ beer money) These are great for saving a few £ upfront, but if you have any problems will they know or care about dealing with them.
8. Most cabins with have standard optional extras such as roof options. We offer standard felt, shingles, Cedar, corratile or EPDM rubber, but you may want to supply your own.
Some cabin supplies will expect you to add essentials as options. These can include flooring, glazing (yes some companies will sell you a cabin with no glass in the windows) & delivery even if you live locally to them.
9. Most cabin suppliers should be able to give you some advice on planning, on eof the main things is if it is withing 2m of a boundary you won’t be able to go above 2.5m ridge without planning. We offer our DF & TF log cabins with a special lower pitch roof to get around this issue. Planning varies from area to are so it is always best to check with your local planning department if you are unsure.
10. Visit a show site or go on recommendation from someone that has had one and is willing to show you around. Even seeing just 1 from a supplier gives a good idea to the quality and the attention to detail. We have a show site at PE12 9HG Long Sutton Hallgate Timber we also go out to show, such as the Heckington Show in July where you can view the quality of our buildings.
I hope this guide is helpful for you in choosing a supplier for your #logcabin #summerhouse #shed if you have any questions or need advice regarding garden buildings please do not hesitate to contact us and we will always do our best to help you out.
As family business established since 1989 we know we thing or two about sheds 😉
You can view some of our range at http://www.timber-cabins.co.uk
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Heckington Show 2016

Hallgate Timber will be exhibiting a range of cabins and other buildings at the 2016 Heckington Show to be held on the 30th & 31st of July in Heckington, Lincolnshire (Near Sleaford just off the A17)

Hallgate Timber have booked a 50ft x 30ft display stand to show our range of timber garden buildings on.
the timber garden building models that we will have on display at the show will be:

A camping Pod
9.2m Kota Grill
LV Aurora Clock House Log Cabin
DF Log Cabin
2 Storey Play House
Small Kennels
Clock Play House


You can view more information on our face book page at


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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Log Cabin Sale

We will be having a sale event lasting from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.
Please check our facebook page and our log cabins website at https://www.timber-cabins.co.uk/acatalog/Black-Friday—Cyber-Monday-Sale.html#.Wc5k1GhyL4Y

We will have special offers on Lugarde Log Cabins, LV. log Cabins including the Aurora Clockhouse and our range of BBQ Grill Kota barbecue huts.

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Santa’s Grotto 2015 -Kota bbq

As most people that know Hallgate Timber will already be aware, every year we supply at least 1 Santa’s Grotto free of charge to a local Charity or Company.
This year we are working with http://springfieldsshopping.co.uk/ for Santa’s house whilst he visits Spalding, Lincolnshire.

We are creating a special twin Kota BBQ hut for this project and will posting photos as the building goes up.

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KI 1601 Log Cabin

KI 1601 Log Cabin.

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Custom made Log Cabins

Timber Garden Buildings

Hallgate Timber has two main areas of business. The first is wooden garden buildings. Our range of timber buildings includes, Log cabin, Summer houses, Sheds, Play houses, Stables, Kennels and Kota BBQ grill huts along with many other types of timber garden buildings.

We offer a bespoke service as well as a full turn key service covering not just the UK but also into France and Spain. We are also main dealers for Lugarde, Palmako and Log Cabins LV.

With over 25 years experience of timber buildings you can trust Hallgate Timber for your timber buildings.

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Kota Log Cabin barbecue BBQ cabins

Kota Log Cabin barbecue BBQ cabins.

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Holiday Log Cabins & Timber Lodges

Hallgate Timber offer a wide range of log cabins and timber structures of all sizes.

One area that is becoming increasingly popular are the holiday lodges

Country parks, lake sides, fishing sites and small holdings are all seeing a benefit from having holiday lodges constructed from timber.

Advantages of timber buildings and log cabins for holiday lodges include:
Low cost
Fast build times
Buildings that blend and compliment the local area
Offering customers an eco-friendly and sustainable place to stay
Great insulation values

Over the last few years more and more holiday customers are searching for “Holiday lodges” and Holiday cabins”. Being able to offer these to your clients gives a better chance of potential customers finding your site appealing.

With big holiday camping villages such as Centre Parcs having huge advertising budgets a lot of the promotional work is already done for your site before spend anything.

If you are looking at expanding your customer base at your Country park, camping site or already have a log cabin site that you want to expand then call us and talk to the experts to see what we can do for you.

With over 25 years experience and a dedicated log cabin team we can offer what you need.

europod-camping_pod09 Residential-Larch-Cabins-13.8m-x-5.5m-2 Residential-Cabins-Log-Cabins-lv-7

Log cabin holiday homes

Holiday lodges, camping homes, log cabin


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Kota Barbecue BBQ log cabin summer houses

http://www.timber-cabins.co.uk (part of Hallgate Timber LTD) have just supplied an installed a 16.5m Kota BBQ log cabin to Amazing venues’ No Mans Solent Fort near Portsmouth.

The No Mans Solent Fort has been repurposed into a luxury hotel and now has the benefit of a luxury Kota barbecue log cabin for guests to use

At http://www.timber-cabins.co.uk we offer a wide range of Kota BBQ cabins, these timber log cabins make great summer houses however they can also be used to have barbecues in your garden all through the bad weather of winter.
Our cabins have the option of traditional open grill barbecues with seating around the perimeter of the cabin.


View our range of Kota BBQ Log Cabins here


Kota Grill house



Kota barbecue grill cabin, available from Hallgate Timber Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambridge




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