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Play House Just In Time For Christmas

playhouse in log lap cladding

playhouse in log lap cladding

This 2 storey play house was installed on the Saturday before Christmas. It is a 3m x 3m 2 storey playhouse. It has window boxes and a false chimney.

The up stairs of the play house is big enough for children to use as a reading are or hide away den.

This one has been painted Pink and Cream for effect.
The play house cladding is 20mm log lap T+G cladding.
It also has slate colour felt shingles on the play house roof.


childrens wendy play house

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Roof coverings for log cabins

A log cabin should be made to last. If you use the right type of timber, site the cabin on good foundations and treat the timber regularly with a good quality timber preservative the log cabin will last forever and a day.
With that in mind you want to choose a roof covering that will last along with it and will still look the part.

so what choices do you have?
The most common choices are:

Mineral roofing felt on a roll
Felt shingles
Corrugated bitumen sheeting (Coraline/Onduline)
Metal sheeting (Metro Tiles)
Real cedar shingles (Cedar Shake)

Each has advantages and each its disadvantages. We will take a look at them in this timber log cabin blog.

Mineral roofing felt:
Possibly the most common option, especially on cheaper buildings. Roofing felt can be a cheap option in the short-term. A good quality felt reinforced with either polyester or fibreglass will normally last for between 5-10 years if it is not being rubbed upon by overhanging tress.
Felt is available in a choice of colours to compliment the area surrounding the log cabin including: Red, Green, Grey and Blue.
Felt is also an easy and fast option for covering you log cabin roof.

Felt shingles:
Felt shingles are supplied in short strip of approx 1m long. They normally have a bitumen adhesive backing that sticks them together when they get warm. This can be a disadvantage when laying them in cold weather and may need heating with hot air gun or blow torch to make them stick when very cold. Always check manufactures instruction for this as some felt shingles are specially designed not to need heating and may cause damage or be dangerous if you do heat them, also be careful of fumes from heating bitumen based products.
Felt shingles are available in a wide range of colours similar to felt and also in different shapes to suit your log cabin.
Felt shingles are normally thicker than mineral felt on a roll. The life expectancy of felt shingles can be up to 20 years (although we do have some customers that still have felt shingles in good condition on cabins we supplied almost 25 years ago.)
Felt Shingles are a slightly more expensive option than felt in the short-term (currently at around £10/m2) however due to the longevity of them they are cheaper in the long run.

Corrugated Bitumen Sheeting:
This is a popular option on stable blocks and farm buildings.
This is from the Onduline website:
“Easy to cut, shape and fix
15 year insurance-backed water proofing guarantee*
Excellent colour retention properties
Withstands windspeeds of up to 120mph (192 kph)
European CE Declaration of Conformity
High insulation and sound absorbency performance
Does not rust, rot or become brittle
Available in 4 environmentally sensitive colours
Flexible, ideal for renovation projects”

Metal Sheeting:

Metal roof sheeting is more of an industrial product however it does get used, mostly in the form of Metro tiles, on log cabins on commercial projects.
Some of the big advantages are:
The option of pre-insulated panels, saving a lot of time and effort for making the roof warm and saving money on heating
The speed that a roof can be clad with metal sheeting
A very long life span if the sheeting has a good protective finish to it
Metro Tiles have very good asthetics that look like real tiles at a fraction of the weight and cost.

The down sides can be:
If the sheeting does not have a good finish it can discolour or rust
In heavy rain if there is no insulation it can be very noisy and therefore a problem when people are using the cabin as a residential cabin on camp sites or fishing lakes.

Cedar Shingle:
Cedar roof shingles are by far my favourite option for log cabin roofs. They offer a more traditional cabin finish whilst offering very long lasting protection. Cedar shingles will start off with a warm red glow to them and then fade to a lovely silvery grey finish over time.
Cedar Shingles are also about the most expensive option costing around £50-£100 per M2

We offer most types of roofing as an option on our quality log cabins at

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Treating you garden building or log cabin

It is very important to treat your garden building regularly, we recommend at least once a year. You should use a good quality oil based preservative that will soak into the timber of the shed. Treating must take place whilst the building is dry, or else it can become patchy. Garden buildings can be treated inside as well as outside, but it will make it seem very dark and small if you use browns, or cedar red etc. Please use our simple guide to treat your garden building.

Start by using the floor brush to sweep away cobwebs, bird mess, grass and soil from the garden building.
Use the masking tape to protect the widows and hinges.
Remove the door furniture.
If you have a base around your garden building protect it with the ground sheets.
You are now ready to treat your building. Always start at the top of each panel, this way you can take out any runs in the stain as you go.
Do one panel at a time or else it might dry in patches.
Wait until the panels dry and then give them a second coat.
When the treatment has dried carefully remove the masking tape and sheets as the tape will stick fast to the windows if left for to long.
Remember to give it another coat next year.

Paint Brush
Floor Brush
Screw Drivers
Ground Sheets

sx70 log cabin treatment



Found a couple of old (but still ok) tins of Sikkens Supertech in the garage today and thought as it was a nice dry day i would use them on my own small cabin. Super Tech is a water born treatment (not something i would normally use on planned wood) it actually done a really good job. The log cabin has been treated previously 3 times this year (i only put it up in July) with a solvent based Sovereign wood preservative in straw colour. The solvent base soaks in really well which is great for treating the open end grain of interlocking buildings to ensure deep penetration. The Sikkens Supertech worked well to seal the timber more, leaving a thicker coat on the log cabin that is more water repellent now that it has dried on the log cabin boards. The colour was light pine and was not that much different from the straw preservative. I may have to change my views on water based products for use on planned timber after this.

What type of timber treatment do you prefer?

My Own Small Log Cabin / Shed / Summer House

My Own Small Log Cabin / Shed / Summer House

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Preparing Garden Building Foundations

Getting the foundations for a garden building correct is very important. The foundations must be level and firm, drainage is also an important factor to consider. Also position of the building should be well planed so as not to be obtrusive, whilst allowing easy access with large items. A corner of the garden is the most obvious place for a shed but remember to allow enough room to get around all the sides to treat the timber. The best type of base for any garden building is a concrete base laid on hardcore, but this can be expensive and difficult and a professional builder may be required to do the work for you if your are in any doubt.

The two easiest and still very effective types of bases are a slab base or a treated timber frame base. Please click on the links on the right for guides on creating these types of bases.

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Storage Sheds Hints and Ideas

nice looking buildings from USA.

Waterloo Structures Storage Sheds | Sheds For Sale

Either because of necessity or want, people will always buy or purchase something somewhere in their lives. Aside from love, the moment we were all born, our parents have given us toys, colorful shoes, dresses, and the likes. As we grow older, current trends, the over-all improvement of standards of living, not to mention the influence of media, has greatly influenced our purchasing habits.

Oftentimes, as most people are, we become so engrossed with our daily lives that we become unaware we are amassing things- things that we need to sort out sooner or later if we want to continue living comfortably. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in a cluttered and perilous home. Imagine if you have a toddler roaming in that house! The thought of it is horrible.

Suppose you have sorted the old things out, what should you do? Where would you put it? Of course, unless you are…

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Lugarde Timber Log Cabins

Lugarde timber flat roof log cabin IMG_0060 IMG_0066 IMG_0068 IMG_0070 IMG_0072


This is an example of a Lugarde Flat Roofed Timber Log Cabin that we installed earlier this year. It has a fully insulated floor and roof so that the log cabin can be used through the winter as an outside home office. The Lugarde flat roof timber log cabins have a special firestone rubber roof membrane.

The flat roof system has the advantage of giving a good head height inside whilst still being under the 2.5m ridge height so that the garden building can be positioned close to the garden boundary without upsetting the neighbours.

This model is a 44m thick T+G interlocking wall log cabin.

Hallgate Timber offer the full range of Lugarde Timber Log Cabins, you can view most of these on our log cabin website

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Otto playhouse cabin

Otto playhouse cabin

New for 2013 the Otto little cabin playhouse. Ideal for younger children the Otto play house has little veranda at the front with a porch over hang to make this play house really feel like home.

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Santa’s Grotto at Long Sutton Christmas Market

Santa's Grotto at Long Sutton Christmas Market

Long Sutton Christmas Market 2012 asked Hallgate Timber to build a fun large childrens play house to use for Santa’s little helpers. We made a roof using Suffolk Cladding (heavy duty ex 36mm Feather Edge Boards) for the roof so that it could be built in single panels that are already water proof so as to save time on assembly of the playhouse.
The wall cladding is 15mm T+G Shiplap cladding.
The palyhouse walls are treated in straw preservative with light green for the window boxes and cappings. We have used a false chimney made from ply wood on top of the feather edge roof for effect.

Hallgate Timber offer a wide range of children’s playhouses and Wendy houses. From small buildnigs for toddlers up to big 2 storey cabins that can be used as teen escapes.



Special offer this building (without Christmas decorations) only £1200, that’s £300 off what it should be. 3m x 3m second floor level with ladder/stair, special rustic roof, perspex glazing, false shutters, window boxes, chimney. If you contact us quick we could still deliver it locally on Thursday. Perfect Christmas present.

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