Lugarde Timber Log Cabins

Lugarde timber flat roof log cabin IMG_0060 IMG_0066 IMG_0068 IMG_0070 IMG_0072


This is an example of a Lugarde Flat Roofed Timber Log Cabin that we installed earlier this year. It has a fully insulated floor and roof so that the log cabin can be used through the winter as an outside home office. The Lugarde flat roof timber log cabins have a special firestone rubber roof membrane.

The flat roof system has the advantage of giving a good head height inside whilst still being under the 2.5m ridge height so that the garden building can be positioned close to the garden boundary without upsetting the neighbours.

This model is a 44m thick T+G interlocking wall log cabin.

Hallgate Timber offer the full range of Lugarde Timber Log Cabins, you can view most of these on our log cabin website

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One thought on “Lugarde Timber Log Cabins

  1. Busy weekend on Lugarde log cabins this week. The new design software that allows us to show customers a quick design of what the cabin will look like with selected windows, doors and roof type is very helpful. Nice mixture of sales of Pyramid roof, flat roof, Prima summer house walls and interlocking log walls. All of this weekends cabin orders have been for installation as well, keeping our trained and experienced team of timber log cabin installers busy. We have a flat roof Prima by Lugarde, a pyriamid 44mm interlocking cabin by Lugarde and 2 small Prima summer houses on by Lugarde on display on our log cabin show site based in Lincolnshire. Also took a nice little order for Palmako Kylie BBQ Kota Log cabin including grill system. We have a wide range of Kota barbecue log cabins on display on our web page

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