Treating you garden building or log cabin

It is very important to treat your garden building regularly, we recommend at least once a year. You should use a good quality oil based preservative that will soak into the timber of the shed. Treating must take place whilst the building is dry, or else it can become patchy. Garden buildings can be treated inside as well as outside, but it will make it seem very dark and small if you use browns, or cedar red etc. Please use our simple guide to treat your garden building.

Start by using the floor brush to sweep away cobwebs, bird mess, grass and soil from the garden building.
Use the masking tape to protect the widows and hinges.
Remove the door furniture.
If you have a base around your garden building protect it with the ground sheets.
You are now ready to treat your building. Always start at the top of each panel, this way you can take out any runs in the stain as you go.
Do one panel at a time or else it might dry in patches.
Wait until the panels dry and then give them a second coat.
When the treatment has dried carefully remove the masking tape and sheets as the tape will stick fast to the windows if left for to long.
Remember to give it another coat next year.

Paint Brush
Floor Brush
Screw Drivers
Ground Sheets

sx70 log cabin treatment



Found a couple of old (but still ok) tins of Sikkens Supertech in the garage today and thought as it was a nice dry day i would use them on my own small cabin. Super Tech is a water born treatment (not something i would normally use on planned wood) it actually done a really good job. The log cabin has been treated previously 3 times this year (i only put it up in July) with a solvent based Sovereign wood preservative in straw colour. The solvent base soaks in really well which is great for treating the open end grain of interlocking buildings to ensure deep penetration. The Sikkens Supertech worked well to seal the timber more, leaving a thicker coat on the log cabin that is more water repellent now that it has dried on the log cabin boards. The colour was light pine and was not that much different from the straw preservative. I may have to change my views on water based products for use on planned timber after this.

What type of timber treatment do you prefer?

My Own Small Log Cabin / Shed / Summer House

My Own Small Log Cabin / Shed / Summer House

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