We have a large stock of fencing products including Gates, panels, posts, rails, post crete, gate posts, feather edge etc.

Visit our facebook page or our website to see further details.



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Heckington Show 2016

Hallgate Timber will be exhibiting a range of cabins and other buildings at the 2016 Heckington Show to be held on the 30th & 31st of July in Heckington, Lincolnshire (Near Sleaford just off the A17)

Hallgate Timber have booked a 50ft x 30ft display stand to show our range of timber garden buildings on.
the timber garden building models that we will have on display at the show will be:

A camping Pod
9.2m Kota Grill
LV Aurora Clock House Log Cabin
DF Log Cabin
2 Storey Play House
Small Kennels
Clock Play House


You can view more information on our face book page at


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Custom made Log Cabins

Timber Garden Buildings

Hallgate Timber has two main areas of business. The first is wooden garden buildings. Our range of timber buildings includes, Log cabin, Summer houses, Sheds, Play houses, Stables, Kennels and Kota BBQ grill huts along with many other types of timber garden buildings.

We offer a bespoke service as well as a full turn key service covering not just the UK but also into France and Spain. We are also main dealers for Lugarde, Palmako and Log Cabins LV.

With over 25 years experience of timber buildings you can trust Hallgate Timber for your timber buildings.

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Kota Log Cabin barbecue BBQ cabins

Kota Log Cabin barbecue BBQ cabins.

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Holiday Log Cabins & Timber Lodges

Hallgate Timber offer a wide range of log cabins and timber structures of all sizes.

One area that is becoming increasingly popular are the holiday lodges

Country parks, lake sides, fishing sites and small holdings are all seeing a benefit from having holiday lodges constructed from timber.

Advantages of timber buildings and log cabins for holiday lodges include:
Low cost
Fast build times
Buildings that blend and compliment the local area
Offering customers an eco-friendly and sustainable place to stay
Great insulation values

Over the last few years more and more holiday customers are searching for “Holiday lodges” and Holiday cabins”. Being able to offer these to your clients gives a better chance of potential customers finding your site appealing.

With big holiday camping villages such as Centre Parcs having huge advertising budgets a lot of the promotional work is already done for your site before spend anything.

If you are looking at expanding your customer base at your Country park, camping site or already have a log cabin site that you want to expand then call us and talk to the experts to see what we can do for you.

With over 25 years experience and a dedicated log cabin team we can offer what you need.

europod-camping_pod09 Residential-Larch-Cabins-13.8m-x-5.5m-2 Residential-Cabins-Log-Cabins-lv-7

Log cabin holiday homes

Holiday lodges, camping homes, log cabin


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Timber-cabins.co.uk are proud to be able to offer

Timber-cabins.co.uk are proud to be able to offer the LV log cabins range of Laminated timber log cabins suitable for residential use. Laminated timber is perfect for building larger log cabins due to the structural integrity of a piece of timber that is formed from smaller laminated section of high quality timber. The residential timber log cabins are available in a range of thicknesses of wall logs. These residential timber buildings can have insulated walls without the the logs of the internal walls of the cabin passing out through to the outside of the residential cabin walls. these means that there is no cold bridge to pass the warmth from the inside of the log cabin to the outside of the log cabin. Insulation can be fitted seamlessly around the walls of the log cabin allowing insulation values that will allow the laminated timber to meet residential standards for U-Values. The laminated timber logs can also be made much longer than standard log cabin interlocking wall systems, this means that you will not need partition walls in the log cabin to give the extra strength along long cabin walls. Timber-cabins.co.uk (part of the Hallgate Timber Ltd group) offer a full service on these buildings including ground works installation, painting, roofing, we can even arrange your electrics, kitchen, and flooring options. Hallgate Timber has been established since 1989 and can offer a full comprehensive to ensure your residential log cabin is built just as you want. We offer a huge range of buildings for residential use and can also offer bespoke build. Average prices for the a small bungalow size build are around £30-£40,000 for the main building. If you have any questions about our range of residential timber log cabins, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Log cabins for Campsites, woodland holiday and lake side resorts

Timber log cabins and sectional timber buildings are becoming more and more fashionable on holiday sites, from small camping sites looking for accommodation that can be used in bad weather to ensure a year round income to large holiday complexes and events centers looking to add extra rooms for busy times.

There are a lot of different types of buildings out there that can fulfill these requirements, however a lot of the small features can make a big difference to your return on investment.

Section buildings:
These types of buildings are generally made from a CLS timber frame construction that is then lined clad and insulated. There are a lot of different options for all of these components to choose from.
For example should you use a rock wool type insulation, a cheaper option of Polystyrene such as Jablite or PIR boards such as Extratherm or Celotex. The initial cost will not make a huge amount of difference to the overall cost of the build, however in the long run if the site owner is paying for the heating cost choosing a cheap poor quality insulator could cost a lot in the long run. Polystyrene is fine for an occasional use building such as a home workshop that is only likely to be used during the day time. If you intend on sleeping in the building, especially in the winter months then you will need more than just this. PIR is a very good insulator giving great u-values using only thin sections so if space in the walls is a at a premium then this could be the best option. If space is not a problem then you may be able to save some money upfront using a rock wool slab of a greater depth than the PIR.
The type and depth of framework should also be considered, is it C16 or C24 grade? For some building 4×2 sections are fine however you may need 6×2 or even 8×2 on larger buildings.
Sectional building are normally fairly fast to assembly on site as most of the construction is done in a factory. Panels can also be painted or pre-finished before delivery to site.
A good breather membrane should be incorporated into the wall construction to help reduce the risk of damp and help as a vapour barrier.
Have a look at our Camping Pod Range for ideas of pre insulated panel buildings.

Twin Skin Buildings:
These use to walls sitting parallel constructed using the traditional interlocking log cabin method of notched timber sections.
The cavity between can then be insulated for added warmth.

Have a look at details of our twin skin log cabin models


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Busy start to the year

2013 is looking set to be a good year.

Our supreme workshop range is selling well again this year, we added the supreme to our shed range last year as a standard model due to the demand for very secure heavy duty buildings with extra height that can be used for workshops, gym equipment and secure garden storage.

Due to the success of the supreme workshop we will also be adding a supreme dutch barn to our range by Easter. This will be on 70*45 framing and have extra height like the workshop. The doors on both models are also upgraded to LPD’s heavy duty framed ledge and braced with butt hinges and morticed sash locks.

Our new euro range log cabins, TF range log cabins and DF range log cabins are also proving a big hit. With 28mm thick floors, double glazing on all models with 34mm and thicker walls and the option to choose your wall log thickness from 34mm, 45mm, 70mm and twin skin log walls.

We took an order for a twin skin 45mm + 45mm residential cabin this weekend. This will be a full install project including concrete base, insullation to walls, floor and ceiling and a shingle roof.

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Stu's Shed

An appealing shed design!

View original post

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New Clockhouse log cabin models

New Clockhouse log cabin models

We have got some new clockhouse log cabin designs available in our online store



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