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Holiday Log Cabins & Timber Lodges

Hallgate Timber offer a wide range of log cabins and timber structures of all sizes.

One area that is becoming increasingly popular are the holiday lodges

Country parks, lake sides, fishing sites and small holdings are all seeing a benefit from having holiday lodges constructed from timber.

Advantages of timber buildings and log cabins for holiday lodges include:
Low cost
Fast build times
Buildings that blend and compliment the local area
Offering customers an eco-friendly and sustainable place to stay
Great insulation values

Over the last few years more and more holiday customers are searching for “Holiday lodges” and Holiday cabins”. Being able to offer these to your clients gives a better chance of potential customers finding your site appealing.

With big holiday camping villages such as Centre Parcs having huge advertising budgets a lot of the promotional work is already done for your site before spend anything.

If you are looking at expanding your customer base at your Country park, camping site or already have a log cabin site that you want to expand then call us and talk to the experts to see what we can do for you.

With over 25 years experience and a dedicated log cabin team we can offer what you need.

europod-camping_pod09 Residential-Larch-Cabins-13.8m-x-5.5m-2 Residential-Cabins-Log-Cabins-lv-7

Log cabin holiday homes

Holiday lodges, camping homes, log cabin


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Lugarde Pyramid roof cabin in 44mm logs with bi-fold doors

Just finished this cabin at Spalding, Lincolnshire.


Lugarde Cabin with bi-fold doors

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Lugarde Timber Log Cabins

Lugarde timber flat roof log cabin IMG_0060 IMG_0066 IMG_0068 IMG_0070 IMG_0072


This is an example of a Lugarde Flat Roofed Timber Log Cabin that we installed earlier this year. It has a fully insulated floor and roof so that the log cabin can be used through the winter as an outside home office. The Lugarde flat roof timber log cabins have a special firestone rubber roof membrane.

The flat roof system has the advantage of giving a good head height inside whilst still being under the 2.5m ridge height so that the garden building can be positioned close to the garden boundary without upsetting the neighbours.

This model is a 44m thick T+G interlocking wall log cabin.

Hallgate Timber offer the full range of Lugarde Timber Log Cabins, you can view most of these on our log cabin website

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